Our Services

We appoint marine cargo surveyors that conducts survey and investigation in cases of damage to goods that are imported and exported.



  • Assisting in the Pre-loading Survey of Nickel Ore Cargo Pursuant to the standards set by the IMSBC Code, and various Circulars
  • Conduct Container Damage Survey
  • Conduct Cargo Damage Survey
  • Investigation of Cargo Shortage Claim, Salvage  Value, Destruction of Cargo
  • Conduct Initial/Final Draught Survey
  • Assisting in the release of Long Outstanding Container, seized cargoes from the Bureau of Customs
  • Handling of Court Cases arising from claims by different parties
  • Other matters as may be required by the clients


  • Assisting in H&M Damage Surveys
  • Conduct investigation on collision and/or contact incidents
  • Conduct  On-Hire and Condition Survey
  • Conduct Off-Hire and Condition Survey
  • Conduct Pre-Entry Condition Survey
  • Undertake investigation on Pollution incidents/cases
  • Handles vessel’s arrest/detention, and the lifting of detention order
  • Handles agrounding/sinking incidents
  • Other matters as may be required by the clients



  • Investigation on cases involving illness, injury, disability, or death of a seafarer
  • Handling of claims for benefits under the seafarer’s POEA/Employment contracts
  • Investigation on cases involving dismissal, desertion and/or labor action by a seafarer
  • Investigation on the circumstances involving the whereabouts of a seafarer
  • Investigation and assistance on cases involving Piracy
  • Assistance in the processing of seafarers documents and permits relative to repatriation
  • Other matters as may be required by the clients


  • Handling of Stowaway incidents
  • Investigation about the cause of death, and/or extent of injury to stevedores
  • Other matters as may be required by the clients



  • Customs Clearance – Releasing/Delivery of Cargo to Consignee’s Warehouse.
  • Break Bulk Cargo Handling.
  • Special Project Cargo / Heavy Lift.
  • Trucking Services
  • Handling of cargo seizure, and/or detention.
  • BOC – AMO Facilitation and Accreditation.
  • BIR-ICC Clearance Assistance
  • Tariff Consultancy and Trade Facilitation to Government and Private Entities.


  • Conversion of vessel’s registry from foreign to local.
  • Processing of vessel’s clearance with Marina/BOC.



  • BIR Broker Clearance Certificate
  • Customs Account Management Office
  • Value Added Service Provider Registered